All about carshering


Such business has definitely changed lives of many people living in the biggest cities in Poland. You no longer need to call a pricy taxi, get a shady looking Uber or commit to renting a car for a few days. With carshering you can rent a car for short periods of time, even 15 minutes or so.

Is it worth it?

As of today, such service costs more than 30 złotych for an hour and the drive of around 20 kilometers. When comparing the prices the taxi drivers have established, the carsharing does not seem like such a bad idea.

Some of the advantages are:

  • the time – all you need to do is book a car via the app on your phone, no phonecalls necessary,
  • low cost,
  • a wide variety of cars available to rent.

The estimated amount spent on the presents will take around half of the holiday budget. Some time ago clothes and gadgets were the go-to presents. Nowadays Poles would like to give their loved ones beauty products and perfumes, followed by sweets and books. On the contrary to the other UE members – such as the Belgians, Germans or Spaniards, who mostly expect money, the Dane who like to receive gift-cards and the Greek who enjoy receiving food. The studies show that recently sportswear and gift cards have also become popular.