Perfumes, books, and beauty products are the top Christmas presents this year


Holidays are around the corner, and with all the preparations come the presents. As of each year, Deloitte carried out extensive research into the gift giving practice.

Around the beginning of December Poles decide to start doing their Christmas shopping for their family and friends. As the studies show, an average polish family plan to spend 1121 złotych on gifts, food and spending time together, whereas last year the average amount was 1065.

Under the Christmas tree

The estimated amount spent on the presents will take around half of the holiday budget. Some time ago clothes and gadgets were the go-to presents. Nowadays Poles would like to give their loved ones beauty products and perfumes, followed by sweets and books. On the contrary to the other UE members – such as the Belgians, Germans or Spaniards, who mostly expect money, the Dane who like to receive gift-cards and the Greek who enjoy receiving food. The studies show that recently sportswear and gift cards have also become popular.